Birmimngham NEC - Spring Fair 2017.

Birmimngham NEC - Spring Fair 2017.

So, I got dragged to the Bimingham NEC Spring Fair (for those who aren't aware, this is the mecca to retailers, where they select products they want to stock for the coming months). I wasn't exactly delighted to be going, but the idea of a few nights away (from the darling ratbags!) and a couple of promised meals out and i was sold!

After one night away from above mentioned darlings, it appeared i was missing them, more than anticipated. This became blatantly clear to my husband, and Janette (my godmother, who also works with us) as the only time i could feign great interest in a product was when it was one i knew my ratbags would love.

Cue, personalised books, smelly pencils (smencils), tsum tsums, literally anything with peter rabbit on, and a sprinkling of fairy door magic. The more stuff we found, it was actually becoming quite fun. Although to be fair, it probably cost the husband a lot more money by me being there as of course we had to buy extras of everything for our own personal use.

Super excited to share all our new products with you soon, and hope that you will love them as much as my ratbags and I do.

Natalie x

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